Kenny Hotel gives children high-altitude warmers

Recently, with the expectation that children will be warmed up in the cold winter in the uplands, Kenny Hotel has volunteered at Nam Cang Primary School and Nam Sai Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province.

On this occasion, the delegation also donated warm clothes to 30 teachers. Grade 1 is given with wool cap. Total gifts worth 80 million.

 Nam Cang Commune and Nam Sai Commune are the most remote and difficult schools in Sapa District.

Many classes are temporary, roads are difficult, especially in rainy season, traffic is often divided, making the school teachers and children very hard.

People live mainly on agriculture, low income, care and investment for children to school is limited.

When the delegation came to present gifts, the students and teachers were very excited. To acknowledge the hearts of the delegation, the headmaster of Nam Cang Primary School and Nam Sai commune, on behalf of the teachers and children, thank the Kenny Hotel for their concern, encouragement and warmth. the teachers and pupils in mountainous areas difficult.



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